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We understand that tiles are classed as a fragile material, and because of that we have put together a damages policy for peace of mind when you place an order on-line or by phone.


Carrying out checks

First Check: When you receive your pallet of tiles, you can request the driver to wait on site up to 20 minutes whilst you do a visual inspection to ensure the tiles are correct.

Secondary Check: Within 48 hours of receiving the tiles, we highly recommend that you check through the boxes and carry out the following checks:

  • Check you have the correct tiles
  • Check the sizes are correct
  • Check the colours are correct
  • Check the batches (AKA Tone/Calibre) are the same
  • Check for damages
  • Check that your full order is present

If you find damaged/incorrect tiles

If you happen to find any discrepancies with your order, please take the following steps within 48 hours of receiving your order:

  • Your Order Number: This can be found in an Email or Invoice (e.g. #TM123456)
  • Quantity to be replaced/refunded: The amount of tiles required to replace (or refund) the damages
  • Product: The name of the tile that needs replacing (e.g. Malvern Beige Floor Tile)
  • Batch Number (if applicable): This can be found on the box and will be labelled either; batch, tone/calibre or date
  • Photo of damages: Upload one photo encapsulating the damages, which must match the amount declared

Once we have received the form, we will send the replacement tiles to you on the next available delivery service.


Damages Form

  • Allowed file extensions to upload: .jpg

    Maximum image width: 1000 px.

    Maximum image height: 1000 px.

* Required Fields

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